Who: Aniwa Family
Where: Ibiza, NY, Massachusetts
When: 2017, 2018, 2019
Cost: ‘17: 180,000 USD / ‘18: 180,000 USD / ‘19: 200,000 USD

The Aniwa gathering is our yearly non-profit event. We bring together 40 of the most respected Indigenous Elders from all over the world to share their wisdom over 4 days of cultural exchange and sacred ceremonies with up to 500 participants from all walks of life. Our mission is to create a global community, to bring peace, healing, and connection with Nature. To empower our human family and create agents of change. 

Our Elders have all expressed how important Aniwa is: their voices are magnified, they make new friends and allies, and leave feeling inspired and supported, which strengthens their work. Our participants have continually written to us about how it changed the course of their lives and connected them to something they never thought possible. 

Through Aniwa, we have secured funding for a number of our projects, and our Elders have also raised over 400,000 USD by selling and auctioning their incredible arts and crafts at our events.