Who: Huni Kuin
Where: Novo Futuro, Acre, Brazil
When: 2015, 2016, 2017
How much: $25,000 USD
After meeting the remarkable Benki Piyako in 2017, we have been tirelessly inspired by the depth of his commitment to regenerating the diversity of cultures, creatures, and his extensive teachings on reforestation and spirituality. In support of his vision and the will of his people, we have financed a land buyback of 3,629 acres. The land we purchased was deforested farmland in which his community is creating a World Model Conservation Project, reforesting and repopulating endangered plants and animals. Additionally, we are building the first ever center combining shamanic healing traditions with western medicine.

This is an ongoing project which we will continue to support through to its completion, but we are excited and proud to see the first stages in action.