Artesian Well & land purchase for Wixarika

People: Wixarika
Location: Location: Yurata, Mexico
Leader: Don Eustolio and Mama Chali
Mission: Artesian Well, land purchase, caring for our Elders.
Currently, this community of 25 Wixarika share 4 bedrooms on a small piece of land with no clean or running water. Thankfully the land adjacent to them has gone up for sale: it is 550 square feet, has a small house for the Teocaris, a few mango trees and most importantly has been approved for a well. 

This well will be sustainably used by the whole community, giving them access to clean drinking water, washing facilities and water to use for agricultural purposes.

Elders Don Eustolio and Mama Chali come from unbroken lines of spiritual guides. They've been married for 60 years and have lovingly dedicated their whole lives to service and healing. They carry profound wisdom of their culture, know the old stories, the old songs and prayers, and their good humour and unbelievable energy have inspired everyone they meet.

This project is a direct way to help sustain their culture, improve their lives and empower their community.