Who: The Dogon
Where: The Het Aishat Healing Center in Togo
How Much: $40,000
The Dogon have an incredibly sophisticated understanding of natural sciences. Here they explain their project in their own words:

“Our culture is under a new kind of attack in this modern age, targeting the minds and the ambitions of the youth. The seduction of convenience, the promise of success, and the promise of a better life that the modern philosophies are selling to our youth have been directing their attention away from the old ways. We have found that elevating and promoting the culture has had a great effect on revitalizing the motivation in our youth to learn. This is incredibly important for the youth to see that they are actually the keepers of the treasures of the world, and that the treasures do not lie in a faraway dream in faraway lands.
The Het Aishat Healing Center in Togo acts as a resource for individuals locally and around the globe who need healing services. It also acts as a hub for young healers (locally and from abroad) to apprentice with the seasoned healers in order to preserve and pass on this precious knowledge. Over the past 8 years, we have been building structures piece by piece to bring this project to fruition. We have built a deep well supplying fresh mountain water to the inhabitants and visitors of Het Aishat. Large areas of the forest are kept pure to exist as a resource for harvesting natural herbs, medicines, and spiritual plants that grow there. There is an entire branch of our healing practices that is related to the divine element of water, the divine feminine, and the great divine mother goddesses. We have begun basic construction on a temple dedicated to these divinities. This is a sanctified place where we will be able to interface with them for healing purposes. It is called the Four Goddesses Temple and is located next to a river in Het Aishat. The basic structure of the main temple has been built, but a significant amount of work remains for completion.
The total estimated amount for the completion of this project is 20,000,000 XOF or roughly $40,000.