Vivien Vilela


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Co-Founder of The BOA Foundation and of Aniwa Gathering, Vivien Vilela is a spiritual healer, philanthropist, and activist.

Born and raised in Brazil, Vilela has been dedicating her life to her spiritual studies since 2012 and to the preservation of indigenous culture and wisdom since 2015. Vilela has been initiated in the ancient healing traditions by some of the most respected indigenous elders from South, Central and North America. She has taken a sacred oath and commitment in the Wixarixa tradition to serve her life as a “Marakame”, one that can heal, sing and dream - a master shaman. Vilela is currently a student of world-renowned Ashaninka leader Benki Piyãko and an advisor of his center Yorenka Tassorentsi. She has spent extensive amounts of time training in indigenous villages in the Amazon.

As Co-Founder of The Boa Foundation, an NGO focused on bridging ancient indigenous wisdom with modern technology, Vilela has raised funds to implement water purification systems, build new schools, preserve culture and land buyback for indigenous communities. Vilela is also the Co-Founder of the annual Aniwa Gathering, a four-day non-profit event, uniting 40 of the world’s most respected indigenous leaders from across the globe to share in their traditions, culture, and teachings.


Rudy Randa



Rudy Randa, Co-Founder of Boa Foundation and Co-Founder of the Aniwa Community, is an adventurer, healer, writer, and bridge between worlds.


Benki Piyãko

indigenous director


Benki is an 'Antaviari' in his culture, which means a ‘Direct Messenger of God’. He has been healing people since he was 10 years old, and championing the rights of his community since he was 12. 

Benki rehabilitates drug and alcohol addicted youth by teaching them to work with the land, and has helped many indigenous tribes recover their lost cultures. 

From 2005-07 he was the Environmental Administrator of Acre, Brazil, and is responsible for the repopulation of numerous extinct animal species in his region.

In 2007 he created training center Yorenka Atame, where traditional and innovative solutions for sustainable forest management get discussed, discovered and implemented by culturally diverse members of the community. 

He has planted over 2 million trees in the past 28 years and created the world's first eco-market which exchanges plastic for food in Amazonian town Marechal Thaumaturgo. 

He won the UN's Equator Prize alongside his community Apiwtxa for their remarkable environmental work. 

Benki’s contribution to the Boa Foundation is invaluable, and is consulted on all major decisions. He has supported our work with great passion and belief.


Oona Chaplin

Trustee of boa


Oona is an actress and activist who you may recognize from cultural phenomenon Game of Thrones. She is Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, and has inherited his passion for storytelling as well as the desire to use her voice to shine a light on social issues and the miracle of human potential. 

She spent months in and out of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais volunteering with, has championed film education with Saharawi refugees by supporting the FiSahara, and uses her social media presence to highlight social and environmental issues, natural curiosities and possible solutions. 

More recently, she landed a leading role in the upcoming Avatar sequels, which seems fitting as she has devoted much of the last 7 years to cultural exchange with indigenous communities from all over the world, particularly Brazil, Mexico, and Chile- part of her ancestry is Mapuche. As a newly appointed trustee of the Boa Foundation, she is passionate about how much we have to learn from cultures that live in intimate relationship with Nature and have a culture of healing and transformation, as well as supporting positive western technologies that provide solutions for sustainable living the world over.

She is a believer in magic, and will whip out her uke and sing her heart out at the drop of a hat.