Who: Huni Kuin
Where: Ni Yushibu Village
When: 2019
How Much: $5,000
It is of the utmost importance that indigenous leaders meet to discuss pressing issues within their communities, about the planet, the rainforest, and the preservation of their traditions. Ni Shunpin is a prayer for a clean forest, a call from the Pajé Ixã Huni Kuin of Ni Yushibu Village ~ to gather for these very purposes. During the 1st Clean Amazon Huni Kuin Leadership Meeting, 50 Huni Kuins came together to exchange experiences and knowledge about the proposed topics. $5,000 was raised for this gathering, which resulted in discussions about the economy, local production, traditional foods, food sovereignty, Huni Kuin culture, art, storytelling, and talks with international experts on zero waste, autonomy, permaculture, and seed exchange. This also resulted in the creation of the Ni Yushibu Village Seed Bank and the planning of future sustainable projects throughout the Huni Kuin territory.