Where: Tarauacá, Acre, Brazil
Donate for equipping this school or for its planned solar panel electrical grid.
The Nixiwaka school was entirely planned and built by the Yawanawá community at Amparo Village. It was funded by a single 35,000 USD donation which Boa administered as a community’s fiscal sponsor, using the entire funds for buying building materials or for compensating the community’s workers, architects and teachers involved with the project. The Nixiwaka School at Amparo comprises seven traditional shuhus built with forest thatch and materials: four classrooms, an administrative office/student library, a student/teacher cafeteria with toilet facilities, as well as a large ceremonial shuhu for community gatherings or cultural events and a broad boardwalk uniting all of the school's buildings in a ring. Built at the top of the village, the school has a commanding view of the Gregório River.
Escola Nixiwaka, Amparo School
After the successful building of the school, Boa is now engaged in fully equipping the Amparo’s Yawanawa’s cultural and educational center as well as making it run solely on sustainable solar energy. Our idea is to eventually have a solar school boat for student transportation and for renewing supplies for the cafeteria and the schools’ buildings.

Highlights (lines of continuity for this project):
• Library for indigenous students.
Shuhu for cultural gatherings ceremonial events.
• Planned solar boat for school transportation.