Who: Amazon Rainforest and it’s Indigenous Peoples
Where: Brazil
How Much: This is an ongoing fund
Indigenous Peoples in the Brazilian Amazon are facing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic without effective support from the government, which does not presently have the policy to prevent or treat cases in their villages. Indigenous patients often depend on being airlifted tour ban centers in Amazonia whose IC-units are already crowded with local people. Lack of food security or incentives to traditional crops and the arrival of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, tuberculosis, and poor sanitary conditions in indigenous villages, put several indigenous populations in high-risk groups and has raised the fatalities in their territories to double or triple the rate of other parts of the country. Impeded from effectively surveilling or defending their territories by the necessity to remain in isolation, indigenous peoples have also seen an increase in the invasions to their lands, while the Ministry of Environment has dismantled operations to curb invasions.

Please join the Boa Fundation in raising funds to preserve the lives of indigenous peoples as well as the living legacy they safeguard for us all: the forest.