Who: Amazon Rainforest and it’s Indigenous Peoples
Where: Brazil
How Much: This is an ongoing fund

Right now in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, Indigenous People are facing the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic without effective support from the government, which does not presently have the policy to prevent or treat cases in their villages. Lack of food security or incentives to traditional crops, the arrival of chronic diseases, and poor sanitary conditions in indigenous villages have put several indigenous populations in high-risk groups for serious illness and fatality. Impeded from effectively surveilling or defending their territories by the necessity to remain in isolation, indigenous peoples have also seen an increase in the invasions to their lands, while the Ministry of Environment has dismantled operations to curb invasions. With global tourism at a halt and the indigenous groups not being able to welcome visitors, which is a main source of abundance flow, many groups are in need of financial help. Our Amazon Fund is specific to serve the communities in the Amazon Rainforest that are in need right now. 

All funds raised will go directly to assisting the Ashaninka, Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, and Kayapo groups to support each village’s autonomy and sustainability through this challenging time. Money raised will go to materials needed to allow for greater food sovereignty (such as fishing equipment, chicken coops, tools to work on their crops, items specific to each communities needs), that each group will be able to plant and harvest their own food, helping to avoid needing to go into nearby towns where cases are more prevalent.

Please join The BOA Foundation in raising funds to preserve the lives of the indigenous peoples and the living legacy they safeguard for us all: the forest.If you are able, please consider making a donation to the Amazon Fund