Who: Apache Tribe
Where: Arizona, USA
How Much: $2,400,000

Twila Cassadore spearheaded the “Mothers Against Meth” campaign alongside other Apache mothers in the community, San Carlos Reservation is on one of the main cartel routes into the US, which makes it very dangerous, many teenagers are being lost to drugs. Recently, an innocent 15-year-old was shot and killed trying to protect her siblings from gangsters.

As a beloved elder of her community, Twila has tirelessly dedicated herself to the healing and cultural integrity of her community, standing up for her people and bringing values and education to the young ones. Apache youth gain self-esteem and social competence through traditional methods of education and techniques focusing on self-sufficiency, awareness of self, and Ni’gosdzan (the Earth) to develop purpose in life; ultimately effecting positive change in the home, schools, and Community.

Help us support this strong initiative for food sovereignty, health awareness, natural habitat conservation and restoration, ancestral trauma healing, and indigenous youth empowerment.

The Point of Pines Camp is a “home base” for Apache community events that provide access, education, and practical application of the foundational principles of Go’zhoo (beautiful way of Apache life) related to the natural resources of the Apache land base.

The site needs an overhaul and we want to build the infrastructure to be eco-friendly, self-sustaining, energy-efficient, and low maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability for generations to come.