Who: The Dogon
Where: Meritah
How Much: $50,000

Children are our future. Children are our wealth. Children are the future healers, leaders, and preservers of Earth and the indigenous practices and values that have sustained humanity for generations.

Please join us in supporting the modern education of children from Dogon villages and communities. These children come from unbroken lineages that preserve the indigenous cultural practices of Meritah (Africa), and are raised to learn the intricacies of working closely with nature.We see there is great importance in having both a traditional indigenous African upbringing and having access to modern education. With both, we will be able to support the next generation in preserving their culture and expanding their skillsets.The Earth Center’s Founder, Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, master indigenous healer, spiritual and cultural activist was exposed to both modern education and indigenous teachings. Just like him, we aim to have the children of The Earth Center and the children of our network of healers be educated in two worlds:  the modern local schools and indigenous cultural practices and traditions.This comprehensive education will position them to inherit the work of their forefathers and mothers and continue bridging the gap between traditional and modern societies.  Bridging this gap provides all of us with the means to face modern day challenges with indigenous time-tested techniques. Support our children today!