Indigenous Conference

The entire world is on high alert and wondering how they can help with the present tragedy in the Amazon.

It is of the utmost importance that indigenous leaders from all tribes in the region get together to discuss and develop a plan of action to appease the environmental crisis in the rainforest, and be ready for what comes after the fires.

This conference was originally intended for Indigenous people from the Amazon to discuss culture and medicines, and provide some legal information regarding land and rituals. But in response to the fire, the focus is shifting to give ample time to the protection and regeneration of land, and discussion amongst indigenous leaders about what do in the face of this devastation.

The IBAMA ( Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) will also be there to discuss the rights of medicinal plants used by different tribes to avoid the sought pharmaceutical patents, including ayahuasca itself.

The conference will host 200+ people from Amazon-wide Indigenous leaders, Government organisations like FUNAI, and even Federal Judges from Brazil. All of this will be documented and recorded on film, so that this info can be discussed and shared with the world.

We will build a structure to accommodate guests, which will remain standing after the Conference as a part of the Yorenka Tassorenttsi Project, a cultural, medicinal and reforestation and agroforestry University.


• Land preservation, reforesting, and regenerating the ecosystem.

• Protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, including rights to use plant medicines and practice their culture.

• Sharing the messages of indigenous people with the world

• The use of Ayahuasca in the western world, and legalities surrounding that.

• Strengthening diversity of indigenous cultures and educating the young.

• What the future looks like in the Amazon.


We have raised $35,000 USD which will cover organizing and travel expenses for the indigenous, food and water during the event, and the written and video documenting of all discussions.

We need a further $50,000 to build the structure to host this conference, and will remain as educational building at the Yorenka Tassorentsi project.


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