Yorenka Tasorentsi Land Conversation Project

People: Ashaninka
Location: Acre, Brazil.
Leader: Benki Piyako (UN Equator Prize winner)
Cost: $250,000
Mission: land buy-back, reforestation, seed and culture preservation, education

  • Purchase 2606.92 acres of land that has been deforested for cattle grazing in the state of Acre.
  • Seed collection, classification and study with physical, spiritual, cultural and medicinal emphasis
  • Endangered species repopulation: Benki is the only person in the region with a licence to breed species facing extinction.
  • Land and water protection
  • Combine traditional and innovative Agroforestry to regenerate the ecosystem: With the support of the Pro-Indio Commission, Yorenka Atame Center has developed a training of agroforestry agents to develop and put into practice methods of conservation and sustainable development based on traditional knowledge.
  • Education: Community based Agroforestry officers to teach Indigenous people on forest management and sustainability, combining their wisdom for the thriving of the local culture and ecosystem.

In recent years, Benki has spearheaded the training of some 40 communities in its agroforestry systems, benefiting 100 communities, tens of thousands of people directly, with immeasurable repercussions. Planting of almost 1,000,000 large trees of 160 species, hundreds of young people contributed to this reforestation work. They also harvested nearly a ton of seeds which were then gifted to other indigenous communities.

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